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Technical support

Havantec has its own technical service that can place and install the machines, they also provide a flexible, fast and targeted solution if malfunctions occur.

In our parts warehouse we have a large stock of essential parts. If we still do not have a part in stock, we will always ensure that the required part is with you as quickly as possible.

We offer preventive maintenance to ensure the continuity of your production process. This way you keep your machines reliable and you will not be faced with any surprises. Another advantage is that the existing performance level of the machines is also better maintained in this way.

Reliability and safety are always the absolute starting points for preventive maintenance. In addition, it is also cost effective and your machine will often last for years longer!

In order to prevent malfunctions / downtime, we advise you to schedule regular preventive maintenance.
We gladly take this task out of your hands and do this in a transparent way without hidden costs.

Are you looking for parts or do you want to schedule maintenance and service? Then please contact us!